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About Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre

Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre (MBRC) hosts several weeks of Family, Kids, Youth and Senior Camps for the Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario District of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

MBRC also hosts other churches, church camps, schools, reunions and community groups.

Committed to providing facilities to families,
individuals and groups to
"Catch the Spirit"




Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre is a beautiful 100-acre Christian Camp nestled on the shores of Pelican Lake in the Pembina Valley, near Ninette, Manitoba.

What People Say

"There aren't 13 doors out there, there's one door that's God's will" -Billy Richards. July 3, 2016
"Gods will is what we would do if we had all the facts."
- Jim Richards Juyl 3, 2016
"Jesus keeps saying 'who do you say that Im am' not because He didn't know",
but because he wants us to realize He wants a relationship with us."

- Jonathan Smith July 12,2016

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